One of Salt & Light Ministry Foundation’s first projects was to build a modern, well-equipped medical/dental clinic in the Lake Yajoa region of Honduras. The clinic has several examination rooms, a minor procedure room, and two dental rooms. A state-of-the-art front office includes fully digital medical record capabilities and upgraded computer equipment. The building has a pharmacy area and several administrative offices for Sal y Luz. In the interest of serving the spiritual as well as physical needs of the community, a chapel was built to provide an area for staff to start each day with prayer and, when available, for local pastors to pray with patients throughout the day.

The Sal y Luz Medical clinic is staffed by a full-time physician and a full-time dentist as well as nurses and support staff. Medical and dental care is provided on a sliding scale fee, allowing access to healthcare for all who need it. Both dental x-ray and obstetrical/general ultrasound are available. In addition to in-clinic care, the medical staff periodically visits homebound patients and oversees four soup kitchens which seek to assure adequate nutrition for school children. These kitchens are supported by US churches and provide lunches 5 days a week. Children are screened for anemia and growth retardation and are provided parasite prophylaxis.

Medical brigades from the USA work with the clinic staff during mission trips to take health care to the communities, and to identify persons who may need to be regularly followed at the clinic. Given poor water conditions in the area, many churches have funded installation of water purification systems in several areas. This provides safe water for drinking and cooking and cuts down on parasite-related disease.

Devotional in the Clinic

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