Evangelism and Discipleship

Evangelism is a main component of the Salt and Light Ministry. It is one of the major programs that serves as a focus of our ministry. We use various methods to spread the Word of God in Honduras.

One of the most common methods of evangelism is the use of Vacation Bible Schools by the teams from the United States to reach the children in the different villages that we serve. The children are the future and we want to ensure that these children know the love of God.

Evangelism “Door-to-Door” visits are another way we spread the love of God in the Villages we serve. While praying with the families for their needs we share the love of God through our life experiences. Bibles are purchased locally in Honduras and given to the families when we visit their homes, along with religious tracts.

Our Sal y Luz staff members and teams from USA include prayer and Bible study in many of their daily settings. Every day the staff starts their day with a group time of devotion and prayer. In addition, each patient who visits the clinic is prayed for by local pastors.

Mission teams from the USA include prayer time and sharing Christ’s Love in all work areas from Medical to Construction. Bibles are distributed to anyone who wants and needs them. We also share the Love of Jesus Christ in Community Worship services with the parents, village leaders, children, and youth. This gives the pastors from the USA an opportunity to preach the Good News to the ends of the earth.

They will know we are Christians by our Love!