Evangelism and Discipleship

Evangelism has always been and remains to be a main component of Salt and Light Ministry and one of the major programs that serves as a focus of the ministry. We use various methods to spread the Word of God in Honduras.

One of the most common methods of evangelism in the past has been the use of Vacation Bible School by the teams from the United States to reach the children in the different villages that we serve. Today our focus has been enlarged to also target the men and women in the various communities. Our staff and the teams that come to Honduras have seminars for the pastors and leaders of villages in the area to help them with areas they feel will improve their pastoral duties. Also our staff members and teams include prayer and Bible study in many of their daily settings. Every day the staff is in prayer with each patient who visits the clinic. Worship and prayer time begin most meetings such as gatherings of the parents of scholarship children, meetings with the Micro-Business groups and many other group settings.

Two critical areas of focus are on discipleship for the newly saved and improving the resources of the pastors in the local churches. As a result of Bible studies focused around the movie Courageous, several couples have made life-changing commitments to God and have also acted upon those commitments as a couple by getting married. For the pastors, we have secured some resources to equip a library/resource center with materials to use to improve their knowledge of the Bible so they can more effectively instill knowledge about the Bible to the people of their churches. Our hope is to build on these exciting developments as the ministry continues to grow.