Ministerio Sal y Luz evolved from a Habitat for Humanity ministry to an all inclusive ministry. At the beginning, we were providing houses for families in Honduras. Instead of that being our main ministry, it has become a part of the ministry.

Over the last twelve years, our churches from the United States have built houses for over 200 families. Most of these homes are for widows who have no source of income. Each village that we serve has a committee that determines which family meets the criteria for a new home.

The houses that are built have either two or three bedrooms depending on the number of persons in the family. The houses are all made of cinder block with a tin roof. The houses have a bathroom and stove built inside with running water. Outside we build a pila for washing clothes.

Most of the families we build new homes for are living in shacks made of sticks, pieces of boards, plastic and any other materials they can find to use. They have no running water or sewer system in the home. The wood burning stove might be located in the house without any chimney or ventilation for the smoke. Some homes have the stove located in the yard beside the home.

Construction of homes for these poor people has done so much to improve their standard of living. We pray to be able to provide more and more homes as time goes on.

In addition to construction of homes, our ministry has added construction of other buildings that benefit more people in the community. Over the last few years our teams have added school rooms, Sunday School classrooms, feeding centers, churches, and replaced roofs and floors for churches and houses. Not all the construction projects are costly.  We have schools and other buildings that need painting, roofs on houses and fences built at our feeding centers. There are many orphanages that need paint or new additions to their present facilities. Our ministry tries to provide construction opportunities that meet the needs of the team and also provide help where it is really needed.