Salt and Light Ministry Foundation in Jackson, Mississippi and Ministerio Sal y Luz Honduras both consist of boards of directors from Christian and professional backgrounds whose support helps to carry out the vision of our ministry. The boards also legislate, govern and supervise the work of the ministry.

Salt and Light Ministry Foundation Executive Committee Board of Directors
Bobby Blake, Chairman of the Board, Chair of Micro-Business
Mickey Plunkett, President of the Executive Committee
Lillian Brown, Chair of Evangelism
Dr. Anthony Cloy, Chair of Health
Slade Exley, Chair of Finance
Susan Exley, Chair of Education
Sara Kimmel, Secretary

Salt and Light Ministry Foundation Board of Directors

Front Row From Left: Julie Blake, Bobby Blake (Chairman), Cassie Carroll, Dr. Deidra Snell, Phil Hinton, Melissa Bolland

Back Row From Left: Slade Exley (Treasurer), Ann Marshall, Mickey Plunket (President), Bill Nicholas, Bruce Bartling, Van Eaddy, Rose Boxx, Sara Kimmell (Secretary), David Lowery

Not Available for Photo: Lillian Brown (Vice-President), Dr. Anthony Cloy, Susan Exley, Lisa Anglin, Cherry Duckworth, Dr. Kevin Nelson, Don Parsons, Wava Peters, Jann Puckett,


Ministerio Sal y Luz Honduras Executive Board

Pictured, left to right:  Juan Alberto Bustillo – Fiscal, Melvin Flores – President, Vilda Alberto – Communication, Jesús Díaz – Secretary, and Alfonzo Hernandez – Treasurer