We invite you to contact us with questions regarding our ministry both here in the U.S. and in Honduras.

For general questions or information about our not-for-profit ministry, please contact:

Bobby Blake Chairman of the Board, Economic Development/Micro-Business  blake3033@gmail.com
Mickey Plunkett  President, Executive Committee  plunkett530@gmail.com
Lillian Brown  Evangelism/Discipleship  lillibro6@aol.com
Slade Exley  Finance  sladefexley@bellsouth.net
Susan Exley  Education Chair  susanexley@bellsouth.net
Dr. Anthony Cloy  Health  jacms@aol.com

For questions or information on how to make a donation, please contact:
Slade Exley, Treasurer, Executive Committee

To form a new team, please contact:
Susan Exley