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What we do?
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Health Program

The clinic includes several exam rooms, a dental chairs, a chapel and space for several administrative offices. There is also a large area for minor surgical procedures, in addition to the patients being able to receive free medical and dental care, they also receive medicine without charge. The patients that are able to pay for their visit are charged the equivalent of $5.00.

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Microcredit program

From a pool of seed money, this program is self-sustaining and, as the loans are repaid, the capital and interest become available for the next round of entrepreneurs. Also, part of the interest is set aside in a savings account for the borrower so that, at the end of 3 loan cycles, the borrower will have saved the full amount of the loan and can become self-sufficient.

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Education Program

Another primary focus of Salt and Light is education for the children in the lake area. Probably the most important program that we offer as a ministry, second to evangelism, is education of the children. Our goal is to provide students with the necessary items to attend school. We want them to receive an education that will enable them to broaden their horizons and raise their standard of living.

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Cosntruction Program

Over the last twelve years, our churches from the United States have built houses for over 200 families. Most of these homes are for widows who have no source of income. Each village that we serve has a committee that determines which family meets the criteria for a new home.The houses that are built have either two or three bedrooms depending on the number of persons in the family.

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Who we are?
We are an International partnership of Faith

Our ministry in Honduras known as Ministerio Sal y Luz, is a Christian non-denominational organization which works to deliver the gospel of Jesus Christ by being the salt and the light of the world. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people in the rural areas of Honduras. Ministerio Sal y Luz began its work in January, 2002 and is legally incorporated in the country of Honduras. From the central location in the Yojoa Lake area, we strive to improve the quality of life for the Honduran people. Ministry Sal y Luz works in partnership with the Salt and Light Ministry Foundation, based in Jackson, Mississippi which is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit foundation registered with the Secretary of State’s Office in Mississippi.

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Board of Directors and Staff

Bobby Blake

Chairman of the Board USA
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Mickey Plunklet

President of the Board USA
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Melvin Flores

President of the Board Honduras
Born in a Christian home of pastor parents, teachers, missionaries and church planters within the Mennonite mission. His passion is to continue being a “talent hunter” preparing the new generation of leaders through leadership programs.

Daniel Tercero

Executive Director Honduras
Daniel took over as Executive Director in January, 2016. He started working for the ministry in August, 2012. He has a degree in mathematics and has a masters degree in Business Management and Finance.

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