Get Involved

You shall love your neighbor as yourself. And who is my neighbor? The one who showed mercy on him.

Luke 10:27, 29, 37

There are many ways to help Salt and Light Ministries continue their mission in Honduras. God has a plan for all our lives; some of us are called to go to Honduras and work, some of us are called to provide resources for others to go and some of us are called to pray for the ministry and the people who are called to go. Whatever God is calling us to do, we must be faithful to answer His call.

We encourage you to look at the many areas of ministry on our website. Each person has unique gifts and talents, and we would welcome your help with whatever areas you feel led to support. If you are interested in joining with a mission group, you might want to check out our calendar under the ‘News’ tab to see the dates currently scheduled for mission trips. Contact information for each trip is provided there. If you would like more information about a particular area of ministry, contact information for each ministry chairperson is provided in the Contact Us tab. If you would like to provide the gift of an education to a deserving student, please view our Sponsor a Child link. If you are uncertain where to start or have questions, please contact Bobby Blake at Bobby is our Executive President and Chairman of the Board. He would love to share his passion with you. We would appreciate your help with whatever God puts on your heart!